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Welcome to

Lincoln's Canine Cafe!

110 High St, Lincoln LN5 7PY

Ready for a whole new twist

on your regular coffee stop?...

At Escobark's, every coffee comes with a latte love from our resident pups!

Located right in the centre of Lincoln, we're the coffee shop where wagging tails take the biscuit.

Leave your pooch at home, ours have enough love & licks for everyone!

five chihuahuas and a pug on a sofa with a floral background

Ready to meet Pablo and the gang for an instant boost?

ALL are welcome in the wonderful wagging world of Escobark's!

Coffee Shop with Dogs Lincoln

MEET THE gang...

...they are all waiting for you!


Join us to keep the conversation going in our 'Doghouse' community.

Be the first to find out about our special events to hang out with the dogs, see our limited edition merch, and enjoy a few pawsome perks!

Our story...

Dog Themed Cafe Lincoln

born from a bark,

brewed with love!

Escobark's came to life post-pandemic, when we couldn't bear the thought of leaving our extended furry family behind as the world returned to the regular 9-5 grind.


What began as a safe home for seven pooches blossomed into a bustling café, where love for dogs and delicious coffee reign supreme!


Our family – both canine and human – has grown, and we've cultivated an open, inclusive space where everyone can find a spot to sit, sip, and socialize!

Inclusive Dog Cafe for Everyone
Coffee Shop with Dogs Lincoln
All Welcome at Escobarks Dog Cafe
Dog Cafe for Diverse Community Lincoln

HousE Barks

a few simple rules for your visit...

We're all about love and respect here at Escobark's.

Our doggos rule the roost, so here are a few house rules to keep everyone happy and wagging:

We operate by appointment only to keep the tail-waggers routine in check and to ensure they remain uninterrupted for the duration of your visit.


Stop by for a cuppa and a piece of cake by booking a spot in the dog lounge with Pablo and the gang!


Visits to the dog lounge are charged hourly and can include refreshments and a keepsake of your visit!

Opening Hours


11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
11am - 5pm
11am - 4pm

Opening Times


110 High St, Lincoln LN5 7PY

There may be times we are closed for private events, if you're dropping by, just give us a call to check!

Book your PRIVATE EVENT here

get in touch - 

Email us here

Phone us here

Whats App us here

Call Us On 07932 454 104

ALL are welcome Lincs Small Biz
All Ears Escobark's Dog Cafe Lincoln

Got Questions?


For queries about private events such as celebrations, team days, club meets, parties or tail-wagging tales, get in touch!

& We look forward to seeing you soon!...

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